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Abex Services Private Limited is a recognized custom clearance, freight forwarding, transportation and logistics service company committed to providing quality shipping solutions to its customers. We are dedicated to providing high quality service and pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the trade and our competence in dealing with all types of situations that may arise in the due course of work. cousin screwing stories
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Abex Services (Regd.) was established in the year 1982, by Mr. Jai Raj Seth who is the managing director of the company. It became a private limited firm in the year 1994.


       Precise knowledge of all rules, acts and notifications and duty exemptions to provide the customer with maximum benefits.

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Documents filed only after proper understanding of all items

       Strong belief in providing high quality services

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       Technical knowledge of various kinds of goods and, as well as, extra efforts are put in to understand the technicalities of new items so as to avail maximum benefits for the customers and minimise complications and any shortcomingsscrewincousin screwing stories screwincousin screwing storiescousin screwing storiesscrewincousin screwing stories .

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All work is executed by a team of experienced staff in a highly professional manner

       Expertise in HASSLE-FREE clearance

       No complaints from any client till date and appreciation of flawless work.


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At ASPL we believe in personal attention and excel at keeping up customer relationship.


Our Core Strengths are :

         Over two decades of experience and trusted service.


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Strong network and valued added services.

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         Unique insights into logistics, market and cultural demographics.screwincousin screwing stories

         Deep understanding of the customer requirement.

         Honesty and truthfulness towards our work and our customers.